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A pool that takes care of itself

Aquatics Vision stands at the forefront of pool technology, created by seasoned pool professionals, moving beyond the limitations of 20th-century manual pool systems. This revolutionary solution, backed by advanced artificial intelligence, redefines pool water management and maintenance with continuous disinfection, efficient chemical balancing, and remote monitoring. It is not just a controller but a comprehensive solution, ensuring water safety, minimizing energy and chemical usage, and offering 24/7/365 professional support. With easy installation, Aquatics Vision transforms the pool management experience, providing a hassle-free, efficient, and innovative approach to pool maintenance.

How It Works

  • Works with existing equipment — pools of all types, temperatures, and sizes!
  • Aquatics Vision has an app for monitoring and recording real-time data on the go

  • Get the support and expertise you need any time from a team of pool experts


Water Safety Enhancement

Aquatics Vision works around the clock to balance and disinfect your pool water, bringing a 30% reduction in chloramines — it complies with stringent health codes and is your reliable solution for maintaining outstanding water quality.

Innovative Chemical Automation

Aquatics Vision seamlessly integrates with your pool equipment, monitoring and autonomously adjusting the chemical balance to prevent over- or under-chlorination. No more spikes in chemistry during cleaning visits!

Efficiency and Savings

Autonomous operation not only ensures water safety but also enhances efficiency, saving both energy and chemicals as well as reducing wear on expensive pool equipment and overhead.

Remote Monitoring and Professional Support

Constant monitoring and customized alerts are provided, and the system includes advanced functionalities such as flood detection, pool leak detection, and more.

Integration with Any Pool

Aquatics Vision can work with pools of any size and temperature. Whether it’s a lap pool, therapy pool, community pool, or any other type of pool, Aquatics Vision can maintain ideal water management levels.

Easy Remote Connectivity and Data Security

Aquatics Vision can keep you connected with add-on Bluetooth-ready hardware, letting you access the online dashboard hassle-free, anytime, anywhere.

Manual maintenance leaves large gaps in monitoring and adjusting water quality, resulting in dramatic swings of chemistry and that unpleasant “pool smell”

See the difference in water quality for yourself.

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