The smarter smart pool service

woman swimming in clean water
woman swimming in clean water

A pool that takes care of itself

Other smart pool systems need to be recalibrated every week — even every day. That doesn’t seem very smart for a smart pool. So we came up with something better.

Aquatics Vision is built for longevity and less hassle. The best part? It’s all backed by the nation’s largest commercial pool management business.

How Aquatics Vision works

  • Fully autonomous, continuously balanced and disinfected pool water
  • Real-time control and monitoring pool systems for chlorination, pH, pump pressure, water temperature, and more
  • Complete and accurate historical chemistry data
  • Extend your equipment’s lifespan
  • Fast installation, performed by professionals
  • No replacement parts needed
  • Backed by expert emergency service, available 24/7

Manual maintenance leaves large gaps in monitoring and adjusting water quality, resulting in dramatic swings of chemistry and that unpleasant “pool smell”

woman swimming in clean water

“The water was so clear I could see to the bottom. This time last year, it would have looked like a swamp.”


Who NEEDS Aquatics Vision?

Residential Communities

Boost resident retention and reduce maintenance busywork.


  • Automatically distribute chlorine for the perfect pH
  • Protect your residents’ health and safety
  • Save on equipment and chemical costs
  • Comply with local and state health code standards
Swim Clubs

Scalable upkeep for pools and equipment pads of all sizes.


  • Adhere to local health codes and keep your pool open all season long
  • Reduce regular wear and tear on pool equipment
  • Access a complete and accurate data log
  • Manage pump pressure and filtration modes automatically

Gain more control over your reputation and reduce uncertainty.


  • Avoid downtime and reduce nuisance lawsuits
  • In-app alerts to notify staff of low chemical balances
  • Complete data log history
  • Public QR codes for guests to check water quality on their smartphone (add-on feature)
Amusement Parks

Ensure health code compliance and assure guests their swim is safe.


  • Automatic, continuous chlorination reduces risk of recreational water illnesses
  • Control multiple pools and water features with eight different inputs
  • Bluetooth-compatible hardware that allows you to access your log anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable in-app alerts notify you when something’s not working right
Athletic Facilities

Provide the prime conditions for training, recovery, and rehab — every time.


  • Automatically adapt water temperature to optimal specifications
  • Free chlorine monitoring and adjustment to protect athletes’ health
  • Attach up to eight therapy pools and hot tubs to the same Aquatics Vision module
  • Programmable timing for heating and lighting consistency


of pool inspections result in immediate closures1. Avoid the risk of lost revenue, nuisance lawsuits, and the impact on your online reputation related to water safety2.

1 According to a CDC study.
2 Our program allows you to be fully compliant with Florida’s 64E-9 operating requirements  which mandates continuous monitoring and stringent record-keeping.

The future of safety and compliance are crystal clear.

See the difference in water quality for yourself.

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The Aquatics Vision™ program brought to you by the nation’s leader in pool maintenance and operations

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Coverage Transparency  This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.