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When it comes to swimming pool safety and compliance, a staggering 12% of nationwide pool inspections lead to immediate closures, highlighting a significant gap in traditional inspection methods. The reliance on periodic, manual testing and outdated technology falls short when it comes to ensuring round-the-clock compliance, proper maintenance, and maintaining consistently excellent water quality. This underscores the critical need for a more advanced and proactive approach to pool management and maintenance.


of pool inspections result in immediate closures1. Avoid the risk of lost revenue, nuisance lawsuits, and the impact on your online reputation related to water safety2.

1 According to a CDC study.
2 Our program allows you to be fully compliant with Florida’s 64E-9 operating requirements  which mandates continuous monitoring and stringent record-keeping.

Unique Benefits of Aquatics Vision

Advanced Water Management

Aquatics Vision stands out with its unique FAC reading, providing precise and tailored water management. Monitoring the FAC level is crucial in ensuring that there is enough chlorine present to effectively sanitize the water and keep it free from harmful contaminants.


Durable Solution

Aquatics Vision’s probes exhibit remarkable durability and longevity, minimizing the need for frequent calibrations and setting them apart from conventional pool systems. This not only enhances the system’s overall efficiency but also makes for a reliable solution for advanced water management.


Efficiency and Economy

Efficiency meets economy with Aquatics Vision, as it not only conserves water and energy but also extends the service life of pool equipment. The system ensures substantial cost reductions in pool maintenance, offering a financially savvy solution for pool owners.


Remote Control, Real-time Monitoring

Remote pool monitoring becomes a breeze with Aquatics Vision, featuring real-time cloud control, comprehensive data history, and live alerting and reporting functionalities. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring a complete readout and mobile alerts for real-time and historical records. The system’s proactive service approach goes beyond the ordinary, maintaining a balanced and stable water environment for safety and an enhanced swimming experience.


Straightforward Integration, Quick Installation

Aquatics Vision comes with add-on features such as being able to connect to lighting, spa jets, pool heaters, and other systems, enabling convenient remote control of the pool and spa. It can be integrated with existing equipment, ensuring a straightforward installation process of just 3-4 hours. With no need for replacement equipment, the system provides continuous and autonomous water balance, simplifying pool care for owners.


Beyond Basics: Subscription Benefits

Beyond basic functionalities, Aquatics Vision introduces features like the Spin Touch tester, maintenance visits, and service with chemicals. Additionally, the system includes advanced functionalities such as flood detection, pool leak detection, and service with lifeguards, underlining its commitment to safety and proactive care.

woman swimming in clean water

“The water was so clear I could see to the bottom. This time last year, it would have looked like a swamp.”


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