An innovative 24/7 smart pool system


The Aquatics Vision solution revolutionizes pool facility operations by leveraging smart technology, communication, data history, and pool operating expertise. It continuously monitors and adjusts disinfectant and pH levels in real time to maximize effectiveness and maintain exceptional water quality.

 Parameters like pool temperature and pump operation are closely tracked to ensure optimal performance. If deviations occur, alerts are sent to our monitoring center, which collaborates with professionals to address issues promptly.

 The seamless integration of these functions enhances patron safety, protects pool owners, and ensures stringent health code compliance, backed by historical data demonstrating significant improvements in overall pool management.

How Aquatics Vision Can Help Your Pool Facility

The Aquatics Vision solution revolutionizes pool facility operations through…

  • Leveraging smart tech, communication, data history, and pool operating expertise
  • Real-time monitoring and adjustment of disinfectant and pH levels for maximum effectiveness
  • Closely tracking parameters like pool temperature and pump operation to ensure optimal performance
  • Sending alerts to designated individuals and the monitoring center in case of deviations
  • Collaborating with experts to address issues promptly and ensure swift resolutions


The seamless integration of these advanced functions…

  • Enhances patron safety
  • Protects pool owners
  • Ensures rigorous code compliance


Real-time dashboards and monitoring

Access your diagnostics from anywhere

Aquatics Vision’s cellular connection and Bluetooth-compatible hardware mean you can access the online dashboard anywhere, anytime, at no extra cost. All your historical data is backed up on our safe and secure cloud. Get a complete readout and mobile alerts to all of your pool’s real-time and historical data records, including:

  • Early warning freeze, flood, and leak detection
  • Water level and refill control
  • Filtration
  • Water and air temperature
  • pH and ORP
  • Consumables level
  • Equipment monitoring (heating, lights, irrigation, fountains, etc.)

The most reliable pH/ORP sensors on the commercial market

Some smart pool sensors aren’t as smart as they claim to be, needing calibration every day or week for minutes at a time. Not Aquatics Vision. Our sensors stay accurate for months after initial calibration — even after your regular pool maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Aquatics Vision program utilizes a combination of smart technology, communication, data history and pool operating expertise to improve the day to day operation of your pool facility to the benefit of owners and patrons. Through this technology, disinfectant and pH levels are monitored and adjusted automatically to maximize their effectiveness based on what is happening at the pool in real time. Other functions such as pool temperature, pump operation etc. are monitored as well to make sure the pool is performing to its potential. If operating parameters are not up to specifications, an alert notification will be sent to the designated individual and our monitoring center. The center will work with our partners to ensure alerts are closed out and the pool returns to proper operation. Additional safeguards, such as an on deck alert light can be installed to alert patrons that the pool should be avoided if conditions such as water chemistry are not in the proper range. When all these functions work together, patron safety, owner protection and code compliance are dramatically improved—and we have the historical data to prove it!

Is installation easy?

Our device works with the existing pool equipment you already have. There is no need to retrofit anything or invest in new equipment. Installation is fast and easy and only costs a few hundred dollars, depending on your exact setup.

It’s easy to remove, too, although no one has wanted to stop using our smart system once they’ve tried it!

What does it cost?

Depending on what level of pool service and monitoring you desire, it’s probably comparable in cost to your current pool service. The real savings is in reduced wear and tear on expensive equipment—like pumps—which are autonomously controlled by the device and will run only when needed. The device will stop operation that might cause substantial damage, for example if the water level is low. This will save you a significant sum in maintenance and replacement costs over the course of a year or two. We can help you with a cost/benefit analysis to understand exactly how much you can save.

And of course, there is the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting your bathers with perfectly balanced and sanitized pool water—and protecting yourself and your organization from fees or spurious lawsuits.

See the difference in water quality for yourself.

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